More Frugal Living

There are groups of people out there who are into extreme frugality. These people may grow their own food, make their own clothes, raise chickens, build their own houses, make own mulch etc. This is quite admirable!

If you like doing this sort of thing go ahead but if you are like me you may be too busy to do that. Instead do the following.

  1. Focus on doing well at your day job so you can get promoted or get a raise.
  2. Spend wisely using the tips here and on other blogs
  3. Invest aggressively and make money work for you not the other way around
  4. Take a side job if you have debt to pay or want to speed up the asset snowball along
  5. Like I said don’t be a miserable miser. Enjoy life too. Prioritize what is important to you and skip the rest.
  6. Follow the mantras instead.

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