Wonderful Warehouse Clubs?

If you use a lot of something buy it in bulk at a warehouse club. That 64 oz / 2 Liter bottle of ketchup will be gone in no time if you have six kids ala the Brady Bunch. If you have family check these out.

  • Once you have paid the membership you can get discounts on all sorts of things.
  • Clubs are great for diapers, baby formula, granola bars, beer, wine, TVs, tires etc.
  • Plus most of them give out free foods samples.

There is a cost so evaluate wisely

Membership usually varies from $80 to $120 per year. So that means you need to go often. However only buy what you need.

This is similar to say Amazon Prime where once you have it you use it more.

The savings come over the course of the year and some forms of membership like an executive membership ($120) actually give you store credit once you exceed say $500 per year in purchases. If you buy tires, a TV, mattress or lots of diapers and baby formula you should come out ahead.

I bought tires and saved $90 by waiting for the Michelins to come on sale. That pretty much met our break even and paid for the membership.

The bulk of our savings come from groceries, diapers, baby formula, toilet paper and the like.


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