The Can Man

Many states have a bottle deposit on soda cans, water bottles, sports drinks, beer bottles and the like. The deposit is normally $0.10 or $0.05/ can. That’s not a ton of money but it does add up. In other countries these deposits are even higher.

Don’t throw them away or put them in the normal recycling bins as a lot of people do. That’s just throwing away money. If your neighbors just set them on the curb take them and add them to your stash. Save them up and store them in the garage until there is a critical mass of making the returns worth it. There is no use going to return 50 cans. It needs to be in the hundreds.

The last time I went I had four huge garbage bags worth and received $52.50 in cold hard cash for my work. 525 cans! If you see them lying in the street pick them up. It’s like a dime or a nickel. Far too many people don’t bother.

I use that money to fund my beer buying budget. Talk about recycling beer bottles and beer cans into more lager.


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